(N. 12 June 1819 – D. 23 January 1875 ) a fost preot, profesor universitar, istoric și un cunoscut și apreciat romancier.  Opera: Yeast (1848); Saint's Tragedy, Alton Locke (1849); Twenty-five Village Sermons (1849); Cheap Clothes and Nasty (1850); Phaeton, or Loose Thoughts for Loose Thinkers (1852); Sermons on National Subjects (1st series, 1852); Hypatia, roman (1853); Glaucus, or the Wonders of the Shore (1855); Sermons on National Subjects (2nd series, 1854); Alexandria and her Schools (I854); Westward Ho! (1855); Sermons for the Times (1855); The Heroes, Greek fairy tales (1856); Two Years Ago (1857); Andromeda and other Poems (1858); The Good News of God, sermons (1859); Miscellanies (1859); Limits of Exact Science applied to History (Inaugural lectures, 1860); Town and Country Sermons (1861); Sermons on the Pentateuch (1863); The Water-Babies (1863); The Roman and the Teuton (1864); David and other Sermons (1866); Hereward the Wake: "Last of the English", (London: Macmillan, 1866); The Ancient Régime (Lectures at the Royal Institution, 1867); Water of Life and other Sermons (1867); The Hermits (1869); Madam How and Lady Why (1869); At Last: a Christmas in the West Indies (1871); Town Geology (1872); Discipline and other Sermons (1872); Prose Idylls (1873); Plays and Puritans (1873); Health and Education (1874); Westminster Sermons (1874); Lectures delivered in America (1875).

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